What Kind Of Exercises Can You Do With Rubber Loop Bands?

Resistance loop bands are formed of thin but strong rubber and can be availed in various sizes and design. This small rubber piece can help you pack complete gym in your pocket. Anyone who is tired of asking how to how to get bigger breasts naturally or bigger butts naturally can resort to these bands to achieve their goals. It may sound crazy to some people but once you start working with these bands you will see that sky is the limit as the number of exercises that you can perform with these are infinite. Loop bands as well as the mini bands are quite light in weight, portable bands can be wrapped around any part of your body or if you want against some strong surface. These can also be availed in different levels of resistance turning home workouts into a fun activity. Along with, these bands are the best alternative when you are travelling and there is no gym around you. Last but not the least, these can kill your fat much more easily without affecting your joints. As for which exercises can be performed with these, here are some ideas:

Sideway Band Shuffle: Band shuffles can be great when you need to wake up your glute muscles that get weak or dormant due to excessive sitting. Inactive glutes lead to loosening of ligaments and leg muscles, the active glute muscles hold you in an upright position lowering tension in your knees and legs and keeping injuries away.

Linear Staggered Band Walk: This band walk includes forward and backwards movement while lifting and activating your glutes.  Adding up a band increases the intensity level forcing your lower body to lift your butt. Beginners should try the ideal version and can take up to single-leg variation as they move a notch up.

Banded Hip Thrust: This one is the best exercise when you need to tone up your glutes. Also, an excellent option when you need to develop your lower body stability. It can be done in three ways, either you go for ideal hip thrust, single-leg hip thrust, as well as double-leg hip thrust.

Mini-Band Kick Back: Kickbacks are an excellent choice when you need to lift your glutes. These enable one to target as well as lift up their glute muscles, the gluteus maximus. When you add up the band to your thighs, it further adds up resistance to activate as well as sculpt the tight backside.

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